The architectural models are some of the most striking pieces of Karl Junker’s art work.

The most famous architectural model is the model of the Junkerhaus on a scale of 1:20. In terms of coloring, it in all likelihood comes very close to the original colors of the house. The many roof structures are proof of how the appearence of the Junkerhaus changed over the past 100 years.

The model of a fountain was built for a contest, which Karl Junker participated in 1899 and features the design of a fountain to be built for the market square in the city of Detmold. However, Junker did not win the contest.

The largest model is a monumental building – made up of several individual components – standing on a pedestal. The date of its origin and its specific purpose are unknown. However, Junker’s works contain numerous drawn sketches of similarly designed buildings, which – based on their inscriptions – can be interpreted as museum buildings.